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Golden Goose In-Egg Scrambler

We've all heard the fable about the goose that laid the golden egg, but now you no longer need an actual magical goose to have tasty golden eggs all the time, just this cool new and aptly named Golden Goose. This clever kitchen gadget safely but intensely spins a normal egg until it completely scrambles the yolk inside the shell.



-New and Improved v2 is easier to use and easier to learn!
-The Golden Goose Is Easy To Use, Fun, And Effective – Taste The Exquisite Flavor Of An In-Shell Scrambled Egg
-The Egg Cradle Is Designed To Fit Eggs Of All Shapes And Sizes
-‘Golden Eggs’ Can Be Enjoyed Hard Or Soft Boiled, Deviled Or In Egg Salad, Fried, Pickled, Atop Noodles, Or As A Surprise On Easter Sunday!

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