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Cupcake Scoop

If you want to dispense batter perfectly into the cupcake pan to bake cupcakes evenly, then this is the great stuff for you. It has a plunger that you can use to insure to dispense the same amount batter every time with keeping your fingers clean and with this Cupcake Scoop you can discover the easiest and tidy way to fill cupcake pan and liners perfectly.

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-The Tovolo cupcake scoop is the easiest, most tidy way to fill cupcake pans and liners and keeps your fingers clean
-The curved front dispenses batter directly into the pan
-The silicone plunger scrapes the scoop completely clean
-This scoop measures the same amount every time so your cupcakes or muffins bake evenly
-Dishwasher safe

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